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Jammu, also known as the Temple City, is located between the Himalayan range in the north and the Punjab plains in the south. The city’s true charm resides in its lakes, valleys, and varied topography. Countless oak and chestnut forests may be found in the lower sections, while deodar and pine can be found in abundance at higher elevations. The city was founded in the 9th century BC and is called for King Jambu Lochan. The sight-seeing highlights here are mostly Hindu temples.

Major Attractions

The majority of travellers that visit Mata Vaishno Devi’s sacred shrine stop in Jammu. Katra, a small village 50 kilometres from Jammu, serves as the base camp for pilgrims visiting Vaishno Devi.

Second, in the city’s core, Raghunath Mandir is the largest temple complex in northern India, dedicated to Lord Rama. In 1851, Maharaja Gulab Singh began construction on the Temple Complex. The temple houses representations of practically every Hindu god, though the focus is on Lord Vishnu’s numerous incarnations. A large collection of ancient writings and manuscripts is also housed in the compound.

Bahu Fort is a great spot to visit if you’re religious or interested in history. Aside from the ruins of this historic fort, the famed Bawey Wali Mata Temple may be found here.

Apart from that, the Dogra Art Museum, which is known for its miniature paintings, and the Amar Mahal Palace Museum, which is built of red sandstone, are both popular tourist destinations in Jammu. The Amar Mahal Palace Museum’s main feature is the golden throne, which weighs 120 kg and is constructed of pure gold.

Jammu’s Sheesh Mahal is another amazing attraction. The Dogra Art Museum, which exhibits tiny works from numerous hill schools, is located there. Handwritten Persian manuscripts of the Shahnama and Sikandernama are also on display at the museum. The palace was previously the Dogra rulers’ royal residence.

The months of October to March are the most popular for travellers to visit the city of temples since the weather is beautiful. Shopaholics will find a variety of items in the city. Pashmina shawls of excellent quality abound in the markets. Hari Bazaar and Raghunath Bazaar, both state-owned emporiums, are popular shopping destinations in Jammu.

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