Places to see in Pudcherry

Puducherry, a tiny and tranquil city on the Coromandel Coast, was founded by the French. Puducherry is comprised of three distinct cities located in three distinct states: Karaikal (Tamil Nadu), Mahe (Kerala), and Yanam (Kerala) (Andhra Pradesh). On the route to Puducherry, one may experience the natural beautiful grandeur of the Deccan plateau. The lush green greenery set against the bright red dirt creates an awe-inspiring sight.

Puducherry is a great vacation from the rush and bustle of everyday life and the crowds. A visit to this peaceful city and its many tourist attractions not only calms the head, but also the spirit. Take a look at the locations that visitors to Puducherry must see.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram—Sri Aurobindo Ashram is one of India’s greatest institutions. It was created by Sri Aurobindo. It distributes benevolence to the populace. The School for Perfect Eyesight claims that it is capable of developing and rehabilitating eyesight without the need of glasses.

Aurobindo Ashram is actively interested in yoga education. The Ashram has its own printing press and cottage business, producing excellent handcrafted paper and ceramics.

Botanical Gardens- Puducherry’s Botanical Garden established in 1826 and is located on the extreme western outskirts of the ancient Tamil Town. It was styled in a formal French manner. Almost 1500 exotic tree species, flower beds, gravel walkways, and fountains contribute to the beauty of this landscape.

Auroville- Auroville, often known as the ‘City of Dawn,’ is a town situated northwest of Puducherry. It is a one-of-a-kind municipality in the form of an urn that was created on February 28, 1968 as a symbol of worldwide understanding. In the middle of the greenery, the buildings show a fusion of contemporary western and traditional Indian architecture.

Sacred Heart Church- The South Boulevard has a brown and white Sacred Heart Church and the adjacent peaceful, expansive Botanical Gardens, which opened in 1740. The stained glass panels depict scenes from Jesus Christ’s life. Along the southern avenue, the cemetery has graves with elaborate marble embellishment.

Serenity Beach – The 1.5-kilometer-long beach is a sight to see. It is ideal for leisure, swimming, and sunbathing because to the lovely wind from the Bay of Bengal. The beach has been the scene of some of the most bloody fights between the French and the British.

Also known as Plage Paradiso beach, this beach is situated in Chunnambar. It is an ideal location for a relaxing vacation and beach sports.

Karaikal Beach- This beach is an excellent location to see dusk. The Arasalar River, which flows gently, empties into the sea. On the lovely backwaters, the beach is home to a boating club.

Mahe Beach- Mahe Beach is a magnificent beach resort located 22 kilometres south of Kannur and is surrounded by thick palm trees. Numerous fishing communities exist. The beach’s attractiveness is complemented by the Goringa Godavari River’s meandering path through dense mangrove woods.

Manakkula Vinayagar Temple – The Manakkula Vinayagar Temple is a globe-shaped temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh that was built almost five centuries ago. Vinayaka is shown in 44 various stances on the temple’s wall. Government Square-Government Square is comprised of Raj Niwas, once the 18th-century Palais du Gouverneur, which now houses the Legislative Assembly, a lovely well-kept lawn, monolithic pillars, and a white square pavilion in the centre.

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