Rameshwaram – Famous Destination of South India Tours

Rameshwaram, popularly known as the Varanasi of South India, is a significant Hindu pilgrimage site. It is a 31-mile-long, 7-mile-wide Conch-shaped island linked to the mainland by a bridge. Numerous people go here to see nature’s throbbing splendour with the spiritual air of Indian religion. Among the significant attractions of this location are the following:

Temple of Ramanathaswamy

This is one of the most popular sites devoted to Lord Shiva and is located on an island. It is a large temple surrounded by five gopurams and surrounded by high walls. This beautiful temple is well-known for its 1200 enormous granite columns, which represent the pinnacle of Dravidian architecture. The temple’s primary draw is its twenty-two wells, each with a distinct flavour.


This site, named after Rama’s bow, is situated 18 kilometres from the city on India’s southernmost coast. It lies next to the Bay of Bengal on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other. When seen from above, the oceans resemble a bow and arrow, thus the name of this area. Numerous people go to this location to marvel at the magnificence of the water masses that surround it.


Famous Muslim pilgrimage destination situated around 24 kilometres from Rameshwaram. Numerous adherents of all faiths go here to pay tribute to Sultan Ibrahim Syed Aulia’s mausoleum. Each year in December, thousands of Muslims from throughout the nation go to the area to take part in the yearly celebration and pay honour to the great saint.

Additionally, this location is known for its Gandamadana Parvatham, Agnitheertham, Adam’s Bridge, and Ramjharoka Temple.

Rameswaram tour is one of the most popular South India trip destinations due to its historical, cultural, and religious significance in India. Numerous people visit this location throughout their South India trip to experience nature’s stunning beauty and spiritual ambience.

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