Varanasi’s Top Tourist Attractions & Places to Visit

The following places will almost certainly be included in the trip itinerary of most reputable Varanasi travel packages. Continue reading to find out about the best spots to visit in Varanasi-

Temple of Kashi Vishwanath

Kashi Vishwanath Temple is an abode of Shiva. The followers at this temple have designated as the “King of the Universe.” This is an important Jyotirlingam temple of Lord Shiva and is also known as the ‘golden temple’ of Varanasi due to its spectacular gold-wrapped spires.

Sankat Mochan Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is located near Assi Ghat. The Hanuman Jayanti celebration draws a record number of worshippers to the temple to seek Lord Hanuman’s blessings. It is widely held that a visit to Varanasi’s Sankat Mochan temple will grant all of your requests.

Tulsi Manas Temple

Tulsi Manas Temple is a magnificent marble temple with many passages from the classic epic Ramanayana inscribed on its walls. The temple’s principal shrines are dedicated to the celestial couple, Lord Rama and Devi Sita.

Dasaswamedh Ghat

This is one of Varanasi’s most historic and congested ghats, which arose under the Maratha administration, in the first part of the 16th century. Thousands of tourists and pilgrims assemble at the Ghat in the evening to see the mysterious and magnificent Ganga aarti, which is really a ceremony to behold and remember all through life. 

Temple of Bharat Mata

This gorgeous temple, which stands in all its splendour inside the premises of Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, was built to pay homage to Mother India and to instil a sense of patriotism in the hearts of visitors. The main feature of the shrine is a marble map of undivided India on exhibit.

Jantar Mantar

In 1737, Jai Singh, the Maharaja of Jaipur, established Jantar Mantar, a one-of-a-kind observatory. This observatory was built in conjunction with the other Jantar Mantars he had established in places like as Jaipur, Delhi, Ujjain, and Mathura.

Fort Ramnagar

This is a historic fort that was formerly the ancestral palace of the Benaras King. It is situated in Ramnagar, a city close to Varanasi. Balwant Singh, the Benaras ruler, built this fort in the 18th century. Today, it functions as a tourist attraction, displaying historic and genuine royal items.


The old and historic city of Sarnath may be visited by taking a 13-kilometer excursion from Varanasi to Sarnath. Lord Buddha had given his first Dharma speech in Sarnath. It is extremely religiously significant to the Buddhist community. Sarnath is dotted with stupas, monuments, and magnificent idols. So, these are some of the most well-known Varanasi tourism attractions.

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