Delhi to Assam

Traveling from Delhi to Assam is less difficult than traveling to Arunachal Pradesh. The following are the most prevalent modes of travelling from Delhi to Assam:

Flying from Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi to Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati, Assam is the quickest and most convenient choice. Guwahati is Assam’s main city and a vital transit hub for the whole Northeast. Several airlines fly regularly between Delhi and Guwahati.

By Train: Delhi is well-connected by train to Assam. A direct train from New Delhi Railway Station or Anand Vihar Terminal in Delhi to Guwahati Railway Station, Assam’s principal railway station, is available. There are several trains available, and the travel takes between 24 and 30 hours, depending on the train.

By car: Those who prefer a more picturesque route or like to visit different destinations along the way can travel from Delhi to Assam by car. The road distance between Delhi and Guwahati is around 1,800-2,000 kilometers, with a travel time of 30-36 hours depending on the route and road conditions. You can either drive your own car or take one of the interstate buses that run between Delhi and Guwahati.

Consider weather conditions, travel time, and your desire for comfort and convenience while arranging your vacation. Because the road trip can be long and exhausting, many visitors opt to fly or take the train to Assam.

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