Chandigarh Attractions

Chandigarh is a beautiful city in India because it is the capital of both Haryana and Punjab, which are both states in the country. People all over the world know about this city because of its architecture and how it was planned.

Chandigarh, which means “The Fort of Chandi,” was given its name because this city was built near a temple of the goddess Chandi, which is where the name came from. This city was built and planned by Le Corbusier, a well-known French developer and planner. This city was planned and built by him. Chandigarh draws people from all over the world. Some of the great things that will make your trip even better are:

Rock Garden

Nek Chand made this world-class garden. In the jungle, Nek Chand was a transportation official. To start this garden, he cut down small areas of land and set stones around the little clearing. He used all kinds of waste and recycled materials to make this place even better, and he kept adding to it. This garden must be seen to see how things can be put together in a very well-established and orderly way with things that have been thrown away or recycled. There are different times to visit this garden at different times of the year.

2. Sukhna Lake: This lake is in sector 1 and was built in 1958. The lake is a man-made reservoir. It’s a great place to go for a jog or to take a walk around its banks at night. If you want to spend some time with your family and friends, there’s even a cafeteria where you can do that. This lake has the longest river channel in Asia, where people can row and sail.

3. Chandigarh’s capitol complex is where the government meets and where the mayor lives. This city was built by a man named Le Corbusier, and he is to blame for the great design of the Capitol. Almost all of the complex is surrounded by fences because of the very high level of safety The capitol and the bureau are only open from Monday to Friday at this time of day. If you want to get a better look at the Capitol, you’ll need to get permission from the Tourist Bureau.

4. Pinjore gardens: These gardens are also called Yadavindra Gardens, and they are about 20 km from Chandigarh on the Chandigarh-Shimla road. They have a lot of trees and plants. These gardens are very easy to get there by bus or train. To spend time with family, many tourists visit Pinjore gardens. They were built in Mughal style, and they’re the most popular place for tourists to visit. A lot of people like to picnic there. 5.Mohali cricket stadium: During cricket games, the stadium is full of people because it is so green and beautiful. This stadium plays host to a lot of cricket games on a regular basis.

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