Places to see in Jaipur

Jaipur, often known as the Pink City of India, is a renowned tourist destination in Rajasthan Travel Guide. The splendour of ancient forts, havelis, and vibrant bazaars adds to the allure of this destination, which attracts thousands of travellers from all over the world. This city was meticulously developed in accordance with Shilpa Shastra, making it India’s first planned metropolis. This state capital is also known as the Pink City due to the presence of various pink-colored buildings in and around the city.

Several of Jaipur’s prominent attractions include the following:

Hawa Mahal

This is Jaipur Tourism’s primary attraction. It is also known as the ‘Palace of Winds’ or ‘Palace of the Breeze’ due to the magnificent construction that traps wind within the palace for an extended duration. This five-story pyramid-shaped front has 953 small windows called Jharokhas that are embellished with intricate latticework and were designed to allow women from royal households to see street procession. It is one of the magnificent Rajputana structures established in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. The exquisite craftsmanship of the interiors and the stunning external decorating of this palace attract visitors throughout their stay.

Amber Fort

This is one of Rajasthan’s most renowned forts and palaces, composed of white marble and red sandstone and located in the front of Maotha Lake. Construction of this fort started in 1592 under Raja Man Singh I and was finished by Raja Jai Singh I. This fort showcases artisan creativity throughout the palace complex with its detailed carvings, frescoes, murals, minute mirror and mosaic work. The Diwan-e-Aam ‘Hall of Public Audience,’ Jai Mandir ‘Hall of Victory,’ Suhaag Mandir, Ganesh Pol, and Shila Devi Temple are just a few of the vast structure’s major features (Kali Temple).

Jantar Mantar

This is an astronomical observatory that was established between 1728 and 1734 A.D. by Maharaja Jai Singh I. It is the World’s Largest Stone Astronomical Observatory, equipped with 14 geometrical instruments used to trace the orbits of stars, forecast weather, predict rainfall, and determine the celestial elevations of numerous heavenly bodies. It was designated a National Monument in 1848. Due to its magnificent building, this observatory attracts a large number of scientists, architects, and historians from all over the world. Japiur, Rajasthan’s capital city, is a renowned tourist destination in India due to its lively historical and cultural legacy. Among the city’s other notable sights are the City Palace, Jaigarh Fort, Rambagh Palace, Gaitore, and Nahargarh Fort.

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