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Whether you are planning a family holiday or a honeymoon, you should rethink your journey to Jammu & Kashmir. Consider visiting Pahalgam after you’ve overcome your fear of terrorism.

Pahalgam is one of the most beautiful cities in India’s state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is located around 2740 metres (8989 feet) above sea level. Pahalgam is affectionately referred to as the ‘Village of Shepherds’. The town is well-known for its picturesque beauty, which draws a large number of tourists throughout the year. Additionally, it is well-known as the beginning place of the holy Amarnath Yatra (a pilgrimage to Lord Shiva’s shrine), which is considered sacred by the Hindu community.

Pahalgam is a popular tourist location for family vacations and is also a popular honeymoon destination. Families from all over the Indian subcontinent go to Pahalgam to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, while newlywed couples flock to Pahalgam to soak in the breathtaking grandeur of the Pahalgam Valley. While in Pahalgam, guests may stay in a variety of cheap hotels. Jammu and Kashmir’s government also makes steps to guarantee the provision of cheap tourist cottages.

Pahalgam has a high tourist value due to the variety of activities available to guests, including mountain hiking, snow skiing, and horseback riding. Visitors looking for excitement might opt to hike across the stunning highlands. Several renowned hiking locations in Pahalgam include Lidderwat, Kolohoi, and Sonmarg. Another alternative is to go snow skiing; however, this activity is confined to the winter months owing to the availability of snow. Visitors who visit Pahalgam between December and February may experience the enchantment of snow skiing. Another option is to go horseback riding. The thrill of horseback riding in Pahalgam Valley is unmatched. It is the principal source of income for the citizens of Pahalgam.

Apart from sight-seeing, Pahalgam’s natural life is another draw for tourists. Pahalgam’s fauna is occupied by wild bears and monkeys. The beauty of Pahalgam’s mountains is enhanced by the blooming of wild flowers, particularly during the Spring season. Regarding how to go to Pahalgam, guests may fly to Srinagar and then drive to Pahalgam. Pahalgam is not connected by train. Visitors are recommended to consult the official Pahalgam website before reserving airline tickets to Srinagar.

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