Location : District of Srinagar, Kashmir

Famous For: Scenic splendour and adventure sports

The best months to visit are May to September and November to February.

How to get there: The closest airport is in Badgam district; the nearest railway station is in Jammu.

Accommodations include lodges, cottages, and hotels.

If you want to mix natural beauty with adventure on your Kashmir vacation, Sonmarg is the place to go. Sonmarg is a remarkable hill resort situated at an elevation of 2,740 metres above sea level. The ‘Golden Meadow,’ as it is affectionately known, is an exceptionally lovely location. The phrase Sonmarg is composed of two words:’son’, which means ‘gold,’ and’marg,’ which means ‘garden.’ This place is covered with yellow crocus flowers throughout the spring season, which is how the people began calling it Sonmarg. Even the most jaded spirit may be rejuvenated by the sight of snow-capped peaks and dense fir and alpine woods.

This area is known for its gorgeous Sindh river, which provides travellers with an unforgettable experience. Additionally, various streams that originate from tiny glaciers run across several camping areas. The mountains are blanketed with an array of vibrant flowers and pine trees, creating a stunning scene. Take nature hikes and discover the greatest of nature’s splendour. Other attractions include the Vishansar and Krishansar lakes, which are located at a high elevation. To immerse yourself in pure natural splendour, go 20 kilometres from Sonmarg to the Zojila pass. It serves as the entry point to Ladakh. Spend some time at this pass in the natural setting of mountains, woods, rivers, and meadows and you will undoubtedly remember this overpowering experience for a long time.

Sonmarg’s adventure sports include the following:

A vacation to Sonmarg would be completed without partaking in some of the spine-tingling and fascinating adventure activities available, including white water rafting, camping, fishing, walking, skiing, and aero-sports. On your Kashimr Tour, discover Sonmarg’s wonders and let your imagination soar! Sonmarg is a mesmerising tourist attraction in Kashmir, attracting adventurers and nature enthusiasts from all over the world. Sonmarg Tour provides exciting adventure activities such as white water rafting, camping, fishing, walking, skiing, and aero-sports. Additionally to spectacular mountains, streams, glaciers, rivers, meadows, and forests, the Sonmarg attractions include majestic mountains, streams, glaciers, rivers, meadows, and forests.

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