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Kanyakumari is the southernmost point of continental India, located near the extremity of the Indian Peninsula. Kanyakumari is situated near the Western Ghats and is bounded on the southwest, southeast, and south by the Laccadive or Lakshadweep Sea. Since ancient times, Kanyakumari has been an important centre of arts, culture, and religion. Additionally, the city’s beaches are the only ones in the world where you can see both dawn and sunset. Thousands of pilgrims visit the several temples in this picturesque city in Tamil Nadu, and the city’s clean beaches draw a large number of visitors. The following is a list of the greatest sites to visit in Kanyakumari.

Kanyakumari Temple

Kanyakumari Temple, also known as Bhagvaty Amman Temple, is one of Hindu mythology’s 108 Shakti Peetha. The temple is one of the most important Hindu temples in India, having been referenced in almost every ancient Hindu book. Thousands of pilgrims visit the temple each year, and the building’s architecture is particularly unique.

Vivekanand Rock Memorial

The Vivekananda Rock Memorial, one of Kanyakumari’s most recognisable monuments, is positioned 100 metres from the coast and is one of the city’s primary tourist attractions. The little rock island is accessible by boat and is comprised of two major constructions. The Vivekananda Mandapam and the Shripada Mandapam are the memorial’s two major structures, which are visited by thousands of visitors each year.


Suchindrum, a temple town, is situated 11 kilometres from Kanyakumari. The temples here are constructed in the unique Dravidian architecture and are embellished with towering gopurams, a feature shared by all Dravidian temples. The tallest gopuram stands at 134 feet, and the temples’ interiors include several magnificent rock-cut pillars and entrances. As an old temple town, it receives a large number of pilgrims each year.

 Padmanabhapuram Palace

The ancient granite stronghold was built in 1601 AD and served as the home of the Travancore rulers. The fort complex is home to numerous significant structures, including the King’s Council Chamber, Thai Kottaram or the Mother’s palace, and Natakasala or the house of performances. Additionally, the fort includes a small museum that has many items from eaThe colossal 133-foot-tall monument is of Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar, who was regarded as one of India’s best Tamil poets. The Thiruvalluvar Statue is one of the largest in Asia, having been inaugurated on January 1, 2000. The statue’s pedestal is wonderfully built and is adorned with ten elephants representing the four directions.Thiruvalluvar Statue

Kanyakumari, being a part of the princely kingdom of Travancore and a prominent cultural and religious centre during the Sangam era, is a must-see on your visit to India. The above-mentioned locations are not just famous in Kanyakumari, but also among India’s top tourist attractions.rlier eras as well as weaponry such as swords and daggers, paintings, Chinese jars, and an abundance of wooden furniture.

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